Wild Solace
Laura Beardsell-Moore

Exhibition runs from 3rd September to 3rd October 2021 

Check out our 'In Conversation' with Laura prior to the opening of this exhibition by clicking here


Laura Beardsell-Moore specialises in oil paintings of animal and botanical subjects. Over the past 18 months, many of us have found the outdoors to be a place of sanctuary and escape and this has driven much of Laura’s most recent body of work. Her oil paintings aim to express the feeling of solace that the countryside offers, and the sense of hope, energy and renewal that are present in the flora and fauna. 


From observing the companionship between a stag and a jackdaw, or the abundance of wild dog roses along a Suffolk hedgerow, Laura’s work takes us out of ourselves to spend time with the countryside around us. 


Within each painting tiny details work themselves out towards more free, expressive brush marks. There is a journey from control to playfulness, as the connection with the rhythms of the natural world - and the paint itself - is made.


The centrepiece of the exhibition is a large painting of cherry blossom, entitled ‘Ephemeral Beauty’. The delicate blooms are full of vigour, life and promise but they are also fragile and fleeting. The cycles of hope and renewal are ever present in the natural world around us, and connecting with these rhythms of nature has been an important coping method for the artist during the pandemic. 


Laura studied Fine Art and History of Art at the Winchester School of Art. This was followed by a Masters in Contemporary Art and Philosophy at the University of Essex and a further course centred around colour theory at Central St Martins. 


She lives and works in Suffolk and exhibits regularly. Her work is collected across the UK and internationally.