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Sarah Baddon Price

Since graduating from Winchester College of Art in the early 1990s, Scottish-born Sarah Baddon Price has been a full-time artist.  With her work represented by galleries in her adopted Suffolk, as well as in London and Edinburgh, Sarah has also successfully sold in both Europe and the US.
With bold and impactful abstracts, still life and figurative works, Sarah’s love of colour is evident across her work. Intense blues, purples, deep pinks and ochre feature regularly.  Creating striking forms with confident lines and angles, she says: “For me painting is 80% looking and 20% doing.”
Always challenging herself to keep her work fresh, Sarah adds: “Whatever I’m painting, I never want to sleepwalk through the process. My art needs to include a part of me, to have my thumb print on it.” 

Inspiration also comes at any time: “It might be the colours I see during the day, or the form of an espresso cup or a vase that catches my eye. They’re all woven into my work. But, if you look through my portfolio, you’ll see there’s always space for an apple or pear.”
Strident and appealing, Sarah’s art is hard to ignore.

Some of Sarah's artwork is stocked in our gallery in Finchingfield and a selection can also be bought online below.

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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