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This framed paper collage by One Fang is a mesmerizing work of art that expertly combines surrealism with natural beauty. The main subject of the piece is depicted in their true and natural hair color, which is a refreshing and unique aspect of the artwork. The surreal style of the collage adds to its overall charm, with the artist's careful selection of colors and patterns creating a stunning visual effect.

One Fang's attention to detail is evident in every aspect of the piece, from the intricate patterns to the expertly crafted frame. The frame itself is 35x34x2cm, perfectly showcasing the artwork and adding to its overall appeal. The vibrant colors and intricate patterns work together to create a unique and captivating composition that draws the viewer's eye.

This particular art piece is a testament to One Fang's skill and creativity, and it is sure to impress anyone who has the pleasure of viewing it. It is a wonderful addition to any art collection and would make an excellent centerpiece for any room. Whether you are an art enthusiast or simply appreciate the beauty of natural hair color and surrealism, this framed paper collage is a must-see.

This is my natureal colour

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