This piece of work honours my two grandmothers each of whom inspired me in different ways. Both of these women travelled extensively, although not for pleasure. Instead it was through necessity and adversity. They taught me resilience and provided me with the creative confidence to embrace new ideas.

My English grandmother left the UK to travel with her husband. She created family homes in 18 different places as his engineering job took him from country to country. A music teacher by training, she taught me to play the piano, to knit, and to love painting flowers. My childhood rainy day activity of organising the buttons in her button tin was a delight of colour, size and shape. She travelled from England to Turkey, Rhodesia and South Africa.

My Russian grandmother was displaced by wars twice in her life. She travelled from Russia to China, United Kingdom, Singapore and South Africa. She was a seamstress and a physiotherapist. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to set up a haberdashery business in Cape Town. Her love of the outdoors started in her childhood.

My painting is a piece in three sections, one for each of my grandmothers, and another in the centre - which is actually two sections overlaid on each other denoting the dual influences of these two quietly impressive grandmothers. The central piece represents my own migration from Johannesburg to Cambridge where I finally started painting.

The railway track that runs through each section represents our migrations. The darker section of the painting where symbols of Singapore and Cape Town can be found are a reflection of my Babushka�s difficult war-induced journey. The top part of the painting is created with lighter colours and floral motifs to represent my English, home making Nana. Both sections are sewn together through the middle section - my life, joined by the common threads of creativity, strength and resilience I learned from these two inspiring women.

Who are the inspiring people in your life? What are their stories?

The Inspirational People exhibition will be on from19th March to 30th April at @wonkywheelatfinchingfield. Go and see it and be inspired.

Read more about the artist Vandy Massey here.

Artist : Vandy Massey

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Medium : Watercolour

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