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Medium Necklace with Lavender Stems from Finchingfield Lavender Farm.

These beautiful flowers have been handpicked locally and dried by Lizzy and made with a real lavender from Finchingfield. Scientifically known as Lavandula angustifolia and are thought to symbolise devotion, faithfulness and love.

The flowers have been dried and carefully put inside the glass, finished with a silver plated top and a long 32'' silver plated chain. The glass sphere is about 20mm in diameter and is in between a mini and statement size glass necklace. The flowers are loose inside the glass allowing it to tumble freely and enjoy the natural beauty of the flower.

Lizzy recommends wearing and enjoying your necklace as much as you like but pop it in its box when you are not enjoying it and don't forget to remove it before showering, bathing, sleeping etc.

Finchingfield Lavender Medium Silver loose grains of lavender Globes

SKU: LC116016
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