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Wonky Wheel's six month journey....

How our business has changed since we opened the doors to the customer six months ago. Up and until the end of January are business was just available in our Gallery based in Finchingfield. In January we started the journey of creating our website as this was the next step in our three year business plan of Wonky Wheel. When we created our website the main purpose was to aid customers to browse the Artwork available in the Gallery online. Since the end of March our business has changed so much and we have moved forward with the change in the economics and now the main source of selling Artwork is online.

One thing we didn’t appreciate was the work involved in taking photographs of stock, both in terms of how long it takes but also how difficult it can be to get colours correct and minimise reflections with glass. But we got there in the end and how have a great library of pictures of all our artwork (and if any of our artists want a copy of their images please let us know).

We hope that the images of the artwork will aim the customers experience while browsing on our website. However if you have any questions you can always drop us an email –

Why not buy a loved one a piece of Art or a handmade gift this Easter instead of an Easter Egg. Every time someone buys a handmade gift or a piece of Art an Artist does a little happy dance…. #easterhappydance #arthappydance

Stay safe everyone, check in on your friends and loved ones

Be Kind,

Mary & Rob

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