Where we source our artwork and how the gallery works

Wonky Wheel sources most of its Art and Craft-work from artists and makers from across East Anglia and we are very passionate about supporting local artists and makers. Some of our artists are full time professionals, but others are creative only part-time to create a second income, and in my opinion it can make their work that bit more unique.

We run the gallery on a Sale or Return (SOR) basis. SOR can get a bad reputation if the commercial arrangement is not clear between both the artist and gallery from day one. Does that mean you should never consider it? Arguably is it the best approach for artists who wants to sell their work through galleries. An alternative is that the artist pays the gallery to stock their work, but if the gallery does not sell anything then the artist loses out financially.

It is important for the artist to make sure that Sale or Return is the right strategy for them. At Wonky Wheel we are very open and transparent with our artists on what is proving popular and what is not selling through their period with us, and we try to give everyone monthly updates. After all an artist selling their work is a happy artist, and as we have said before our artists do little happy dances when something sells!

Here is short Q&A session that may help when deciding if Wonky Wheel Gallery would be a good place to display and sell your artwork.

Q. Do the works still belong to the artist until they are sold?

A. Yes, all artwork still belongs to the artist until they are sold or returned.

Q. Does the artist set the price?

A. The artist sets the price at which the art should be sold for and the gallery wont offer any discount unless this has been agreed with the artist.

Q. How is the rate of commission agreed?

A. It differ from Gallery to Gallery, however here at Wonky Wheel it is set at 60% Artist, 40% Gallery. There is no monthly fee to display your work, or any hanging or setup fees.

Q. Who promotes the work?

A. Here at Wonky Wheel we see it as a partnership. We run “Artist of the Week” promotions on social media and feature artwork and artists on the website home page. For new arrivals we try our best to run promotions within the same month as the artwork arrives into the Gallery. And we ask that all artists promote their arrival in the gallery using their social media channels and websites.

Q. When does the artist get paid following a sale?

A. The Artist will receive payment once a month together with paperwork that shows what has been sold. And we also drop you an email on the week (sometimes the day) of the sale so those happy dances can occur sooner.

Q. Do you receive monthly feedback?

A. Yes. Feedback on a monthly basis is important for new artists as it may help with shaping the art they create next. You can also build up a relationship with the gallery through these monthly exchanges. You are always welcome to visit Finchingfield and call in for a coffee too!

Q. What else do you need from the Artist?

A. There is always a story behind artwork and we would love to hear it as will the people looking at it. And we ask for a bio. Visitors to the website and gallery like to learn about what makes the artist tick. These details can bring your art to life.

Q.What happens if artwork is damaged or stolen whilst in the Gallery?

A. This is covered by Wonky Wheel’s insurance and the artist will be notified of this straight away.

Q. Who is responsible for collecting the art for the gallery?

A. Wonky Wheel usually comes and picks the order up as this helps to build up a relationship with the Artist or Maker in there own studio. Its also helps to build a story of how they work so when promoting the work we are offering the customer a personal insight into our working relationship as well.

Q. Are there any “shelf fees” or other “monthly fees” that you might have to pay?

A. Some Galleries charge a shelf fee and/or monthly fees for having stock on display. We don’t.

Q. Who pays for any shipping and packing costs?

A. If something has been sold from the Wonky Wheel gallery requiring shipping then then this will be handled by the gallery.

Q. How long will you leave the work with the Gallery?

A. We suggest the minimum time is three months. During this time we should have completed some marketing campaigns between us both and received visitor feedback. And it is important that we work through any seasonality that may affect the artwork. You can always ask for your work back at any time if you do not feel Wonky Wheel is the right Gallery for you. All that we ask is that you give us some notice and of course some feedback so that we can learn and develop our business.

Q. Can I also sell my artwork in other Galleries or online?

A. Yes. Some Galleries may request some form of exclusivity arrangement but we are realistic and realise you may want to sell your artwork by other means!

Q. Does Wonky Wheel host exhibitions and events?

A. Yes. Firstly we have some art and craft workshops planned throughout the year. Secondly we plan on hold seasonality exhibitions. And lastly you are welcome to come into the gallery to meet the public and discuss your work, and give demonstrations. This is something very new for us and also it will develop as the business grows.

Q. Do you buy artwork for resale?

A. We do have a small collection of wholesale stock and SOR is our preference but if you want to discuss alternatives to SOR then please get in touch.

I hope this helps answer any concerns you may have around Sale or Return.

We are re-opening the Gallery on the 15th June and will be open from Monday to Sunday 10am to 5pm. Thereafter, Thursday – Monday 10am -5pm. We hope to see you in the gallery very soon, stay safe.

Opening Hours

Due to the New National Lockdown the gallery is now closed. (5th Jan 2021)

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