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Whats New for September 2020

A local artist from Colne Valley (Essex) whom studied Textile Design at Chelsea School of Art, London. For some years, she worked as a furnishing fabric designer, specialising in botanical florals.  Now working as an Interior Designer from her studio in the Colne Valley, she takes inspiration for her paintings from her beautiful surroundings. 

Alev Igcioglu, a naval architect, moved in England in 1999 and started making soap in her kitchen after she grew tired of seeing nasty sulphates, parabens, detergents and synthetic fragrances amongst other irritants in store bought soap. Knowledge helped her when her daughter was born in 2006. Her baby started having eczema skin condition when she was 4 months old for the following 9 years until she was cleared from eczema.

She shared her creations with family and friends and they fell in love with the all-natural, sulphate free, paraben free, palm oil free, synthetic fragrances free and detergent free sudsy creations.

Alev believes that our environment knows best when it comes to nourishing and sustaining healthy beautiful skin. A love that eventually outgrew Alev’s kitchen and found her opening her first shop at All Saints Garden, Cambridge market in 2017, where their soaps still have a loyal customer base.

Her soaps and skincare range for all skin types simply are handmade using pure and highest quality plant oils and butters, finest essential oils with their unique benefits and organic ingredients.

She is passionate about reducing the amount of chemicals and synthetics that people innocently rub into their skin in their daily life. She wants the world to get back to basics and creates the purest soaps possible with her own recipes. Her aim from the outset has been to make it available to everyone.

Flora is lucky to live in a picturesque village which is full of wonderful old buildings - from quaint thatched cottages to timber framed houses with their own distinct pargetting (imprint patterns made in the render) to glorious red brick houses - the village has them all. Each house is handmade in porcelain clay and these are quite little houses.

We also have exclusive hanging love hearts which are just delicious , all handmade in porcelain clay and hand painted in blue & red and red & green. A great gift of kindness ... for a friend or family member!

Then lastly we have new porcelain clay and hand decorated vases , each one is unique!

Two stunning necklace arrive in from Chele Martin. I love how different these are from the original collection. Check out the website to see the full collection still in stock...

Check back in next week to meet some more new Artist and Makers ....

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