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Week in Review - 29th May 2021

Happy bank holiday weekend. It is the 29th of May and we are here for a ‘Week in Review’

I hope you all have lovely plans for the bank holiday weekend. Today I am going to show you some new products that has come in this week. They are new ceramics, and I am going to show some examples you might like. I am also going to share some ideas for Father's Day as it is coming up on the 20the of June.

Hello to The Refill Barn, the refill barn comes to finchingfield correct me if I'm wrong, but I think they come to Finchingfield on a Wednesday outside the Fox pub. They're outside the Fox usually around half past nine but do check there Instagram for more details.

So, Ceramics is a small business in Colchester and this company comes with a range of Incense & Smudge dishes and we have four different types. Lizzie does these little faces; you can see them here and all the faces are little different. These ones are £19.50 and really sweet. Some people like to call them offering dishes, to me they are just lovely and come in different types of clay in how they are finished.

And we've got this over cobalt blue as well, which is slightly different because there are too types of clay and how it's finished.

We have a selection of cups, which, again, they all have like little Full Moon faces, excuse me, hello, pink pineapple another small business within Finchingfield and they are a lady’s boutique.

The Hug mug all have little faces on them that are absolutely amazing. And they are all quite unique. These Hug mugs are £28, they are really good, sturdy cup. Really nice. Good for like a good cup of coffee, cup of tea really sturdy, can really hold them. And even with the intent of the faces in there, it is still a really comfortable cup to hold. So really nice, really good present for Father's Day.

This one is a little different its blue inside, but it has this different finish on the outside, but has the blue handle. That is the Hug mug collection.

The next item within the collection is these plant pots. If you want a little pot that is a bit difference, here you are. I went to Vintage in Thaxted and got him some hair, so he looks a bit stylish on the display. If you like the plant the plant can come with him. The plant pots are £33.50, and he is so yummy. I want him myself but can't, I have my own little green one which I have shown you previously. But isn't he lovely? And look this little dimples.

This plant is sitting in this pot so well because when I went to Vintage, I walked him around the shop to try and get the right plant for him.

The next pot is a small plant pot may be a tie fit for a plant as again I walked him around Vintage, but I couldn’t find a small enough plant for him. But also, you could put some wildflowers in this pot maybe or you could have it on your dressing table for some cotton buds or other bits and bobs. I think it is just a versatile little pot, and he is £26.50 Again, he is beautifully finished, has the lovely little face logo engraved into the base of it, this gorgeous yellow, with yellows the colour of hope, and the Pantone colour this year. And again, he's got this lovely, unique little face on him. And it is just another little deliciousness.

The last item from this collection is an Oil Burner, little tea light candle in here and have your little wax melts on top and these are £26. Beautifully finished has the logo on the base. The lid has an all-round stoneware ceramic just in case somebody is asking. The full collection is made from stoneware ceramic. Again, beautifully finished on the base, lovely and smooth, really smooth texture inside as well. And just the most delicious little gift with his little dimple face, I actually think he wants to be named, would you like to name them?

I think I'm going to start giving them names or ask you guys to start naming them for me…. What do you think? Let me know, in the comments,

Do you think they need a name?

Father's Day is coming up. We also have these new tea towels by Helen Wiseman, they come in chickens’ badgers’ flamingos, and Cows but I don't have the Cows in stock at the moment these are another great Father's Day present.

Also, if daddy likes his caravans, here it is in a ceramic made by Flora Olney. I know it is a bit flowery, but it's a really good gift. If you liked this caravan, then this maybe an good gift. Then if you like your Beach Huts we have them as well. You may have seen these last week because Flora Olney came in and gave a lovely talk about all her ceramics and what she has been working on during lockdown.

So that is it from me this week. It’s really short and sweet but do check out what we have featured today. They are all available on the website.

One last thing to remind you of before I go today, our Summer Exhibition is starting on the 2nd of July. It's the preview evening on the 2nd of July from 6:30pm and due to current government guidelines, if you would like to attend the preview evening you will need to register your interest via our website. We don't know what they are going to be at that present moment in time. So, in the meantime we're just taking people's names and an email address, just to ensure that we comply with current guidelines. It's going to be fantastic exhibition because the artist is James Cook. He is a typewriter artist, unique drawings, he does all his drawings on a typewriter. So do come and say hello to James. He is going to be out and about in June, doing his drawings for the exhibition.

We are open Bank Holiday Monday 11am to 3pm to do pop in and say hello. It would be lovely to see you all and thank you for joining me this morning. I'm glad you're all loving the new ceramics because that feedback is so important to us here at Wonky Wheel. So go have a lovely weekend. Come and see us while you're out in finchingfield in this lovely sunny weather. If I don’t see you in the gallery, I'll see you all next week. Take care Bye for now….

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