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First Week in Review of Re-Opening Gallery

That is the end of the first week of re-opening, and it was so good to have the gallery open again. I missed the gallery so much and seen people and the ducks. Yes, Mrs Ducks and your ducklings I am back, and the naughty duck is back quacking at my door for food….

It was strange standing behind a sneeze screen instead of serving customers in the traditional way that I learnt from been in the shop with my mam as a child. Having to ask customers not to touch items unless they want to buy the item, it is hard. As humans we have five basic senses (touch, sight, hearing, smell and taste) and we are now been asked to not touch things and it is really hard, when a mother asked a child to select a card for their aunties birthday by only using their eyes, I asked myself is this the “new normal” or will kids have the joy of actual selecting a birthday for their aunt with their hands in the near future?

We can only allow two people from the same household or bubble in the gallery at anyone time. We have a occupied sign that is in operation and when the customer wants to exit the gallery they have to stand 2m distance to allow me to remove the “occupied sign”. This is hard on customers as well as me and it was not the most enjoyable way. This may change over the coming weeks.

It is hard watching customers walk around the gallery looking at things and wanting to pick them up, they sometimes look around again in the same circle in a unique way. It was quite interesting watching people’s behaviours in the “new normal”

We have a great Summer Collection Exhibition on offer with some stunning work by Helen Wiseman, Mandy Swann, Peter Clark and Molten Wonky along with many more. During August we will also have Artist of the Month, where Laura Beardsell-Moore will be exhibiting her work for August. Currently we have a selection of Laura’s cards on display in the gallery only.

We are asking customers to shop safely and responsibly in line with current guidelines from the HM Government and Braintree district council.

· Keep a safe distance apart while queuing and shopping

· Please do not touch anything that you are not purchasing

· Please wait your turn to keep everyone safe

· Avoid cash and pay contactless

· Wash or sanitise hands, regularly and thoroughly once home.

We are mindful that the passageway into the gallery is narrow as we also have the customers from the Greedy Duck exiting from time to time. So therefore, you may not feel safe shopping during normal opening hours or if you are shielding. So, we are offering appointments on a Tuesday and Wednesday. If you wish to book a time that suit you, these appointments are bookable via email

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