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New Artwork arrived in June at Wonky Wheel 2020 …

We had such a busy month of new artwork arriving into the Gallery, which is so exiting, and hopefully more new artwork coming in throughout July and August. We are also starting to look at new artwork for Autumn and Winter 2020. It is a bit strange thinking about Autumn and Winter ranges at this stage of the year!

Back to our Summer Collection and we have had new work from Helen Wiseman, Mandy Swann, Peter Clark, Molten Wonky and Tinkershack Jewellery. All these artists are local to Wonky Wheel and some exclusive to our gallery.

First off, we have Helen Wiseman with the “By the Sea Collection” at Wonky Wheel. As we have just launched our Summer Collection, we are delighted to have received some lovely seaside themed original paintings by Helen.

Helen studied illustration in Falmouth Cornwall, and she thinks this is where her small obsession of the sea comes from. For this blog post we asked Helen three questions to describe her new artwork that has just arrived into the gallery.

Q. Helen was asked to close her eyes and describe the new artwork from memory?

A. Watery, splodgy, windy, waves.

Q. How would you describe this artwork to someone who has never seen it?

A. Ooh, I would probably describe it the same as above…

Q. If these painting had sound effects, what would they sound like?

A. A long walk on a windy beach. Lots of seagulls squawking, waves crashing.

We are currently working on several different art projects with Helen they are all at the preliminary stages of planning so watch this space.

Wonky Wheel are super excited to welcome Tinkershack Jewellery. We had early discussions about having Tinkershack Jewellery in the gallery and I believe in “timing” and the time has arrived to welcome this unique jewellery into the gallery. So welcome Tinkershack into the Wonky Wheel creative family. The Tinkershack jewellery range is quite broad in its price range and we have started off at the affordable end of the range as I feel this is important to our Wonky Wheel customers. This range has been uniquely crafted for Wonky Wheel. This jewellery is a great gift for a birthday, anniversary or just to be kind to someone special in your life.

So, we asked Chele from Tinkershack a few questions to describe the arrival of her work into Wonky Wheel.

Q. Chele was asked to close her eyes and describe the new handcrafted jewellery for Wonky Wheel from memory?

A. Contrast between mirror polish gloss reflections and matt patinated darkness, scattered with circles and lines. Hints of night sky.

Q. If these painting had sound effects, what would they sound like?

A. Sounds - is really tricky - tink, tink, tink and the sound of filing with the occasional ‘wham’

We also had the arrival of Molten Wonky by Katie Lynn. Katie has turned a love of glass and colour into a colourful business near Finchingfield. Katie is the most local artist we have in the gallery currently. Katie’s passion for colour inspired many of her products and we currently have a beautiful Pink glass Cupcake, Red and White glass Whitehouse, along with a very colourful Wonky Land glass creation that has its own quirky uniqueness.

Sadly, in July Cambridge Open Studios will not be taking place as we know it. However, Cambridge Open Windows will be taking place instead. Here at Wonky Wheel we have several Cambridge based artists that are taking part in Open Windows, so during July we will feature these artists and makers in our blog posts. We wish them all the best of luck and we will be out to visit as many of you as possible.

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