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New Artist - Miranda Grayling

Whilst working in a global career in Denmark I really had the need to find some ME time. Many years ago I really thought that graphic art was going to be my career, I had a vision of designing LP covers. I never got the chance due to a family situation and found an office job instead.

Whilst living in Denmark I eventually found my own style and established myself through exhibitions, Open Studios and various art events. I monoprint on Japanese rice paper, screen print, collage and draw and many of these methods are combined into my artworks. I like to use different surfaces such as wood, canvas and slate among other things. I am a member of Artmoney in DK and have exhibited in Denmark, Berlin and Paris. I participate in Open Studio in Denmark in a gallery with other artists who work with bronze sculptures, ceramics and wood.

I moved back to the UK in November 2016 after 28 years in Denmark. It is a challenge to establish yourself as an unknown artist in the UK.

I have a permanent exhibition in a gastro restaurant on the outskirts of Ipswich and I participate in Suffolk Open Studios. I enjoy doing "Pop Up" event's and hope to start again when restrictions allow. I am really pleased to be part of the Wonky Wheel group of artists.

Here is our 'In Conversation' during my visit to Suffolk in April 2021

Q - What do you love most about your artwork?

A - I love the freedom artwork gives me to express myself and lose myself in creativity

Q - As an artist what have you learned about yourself and your art?

A - My art is an extension of me and it reflects my love of simplicity and colour

Q - Where do you get your inspiration from?

A - I love nature, the beach and sea, texture and graphics

Q - Are there any little tips or tricks you've learned over lockdown, that would help or inspire your work for the future?

A - I have learnt that it is OK to walk away from an artwork and come back when the time is right. Time is of plenty under lockdown and my pace of life and artwork have also adjusted to the situation.

Q - Do you listen to music when you are painting and if so, what are you currently listening to ?

A - Leonard Cohen (10 new songs)

Q - What do you personally find the most challenging thing about your artwork?

A - Thinking out of the box and when is an artwork finished

Q - What is the highlight of your career so far, or your proudest moment?

A - Exhibiting in other countries is a highlight but I am always proud when somebody loves my artwork enough to buy it

Q - Who is your favourite artist or crafts person, and why?

A - I love the work of Robert Rauschenberg who inspired me to experiment with image transfer, screen printing and collage.

Q - What is your favourite piece in your collection that has arrived at Wonky Wheel Gallery, and why?

A - It is hard to pick one as I love all my work :-) Blue Moon is a particular favourite as it has many elements which work well together

Q - Can you write to your younger self and explain what it's like to be an artist and what would you change or tell your younger self to do differently?

A - Art is freedom, freedom to express yourself, freedom to embrace your ideas, freedom to take time out for yourself. Be brave, express yourself and have the confidence to encourage others to believe in you.

Some of Miranda's artwork is stocked in our gallery in Finchingfield and a selection can also be bought online

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