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'In Conversation' with Lisa Ray

Recently Lisa dropped off new artwork to the gallery and during our time in the gallery we had an 'In Conversation' I do hope you enjoy it...

Q. What do you love most about been an artist?

Meeting new people, getting wonderful comments and feedback about your art is a wonderful feeling and inspires me to create more. Commission work is special as its so personal, its a special feeling to know someone has invested in you, your creativity for their own personal space its the highest of compliments for an artist

Q: What have you learned about yourself and your artwork over the years?

That there's always something to learn its a constant learning curve learning new techniques, skills, learning to see things in different ways and that art is so subjective it means different things to different people and i love that

Q: Where do you get your inspiration from? Id say my influences come from a range of sources from fashion, music and graphic art I have always been fascinated with graphic design and digital art ever since I was a child in the 80s, and its cross-over in the music/fashion scene, I especially love the iconic rolling stones pop art lips. I remember as a kid loving the graphical images on the vinyl covers of my dads rock collection. I'm influenced by pop art and fashion, but I also like traditional forms of art which I like to bring into my own work I like exploring feminine subjects, I'm a girls girl I like the beauty in details, whether it's eyes, hair etc, female form is beautiful and I like to celebrate that and lift and inspire other women My acrylic pour work inspo comes from the natural world which I also love, could be water, space and nature but it also could come from just a lovely colour combination or something abstract too. I just love the pouring technique its addictive because every one is different the paint does its own thing and its fascinating to watch its quite therapeutic Q: What is the highlight of your career so far, or your proudest moment? Proudest moment was creating a modern piece called "Eye of your storm" it was for Project Semi Colon, which is a charity raising awareness for mental health and suicide. The original was purchased by a lovely client who the subject was close to his heart, as he had to care for someone with long-term depression, he subsequently bought another original price from me and commissioned a piece too. The sale of eye of your storm raised money for the charity so that was a proud moment

See attached "Eye of your storm"

Q: Who is your favourite artist, and why? Hard one as there are so many to choose from, id say I'm a big fan of the likes of Andy Warhol and Michael English who was a British artist known for poster designs he created in the 1960s for musicians such as Jimi Hendrix and for several series of hyper realist paintings in the 1970s and 1980s I love the bright graphic style and bold colours I also follow some modern day artists my favourite at the moment is Loui Jover I really love his style and his work is very emotive he creates female subjects with ink drawings and collage, its very beautiful

I also love impressionists especially monet his style and use of colour, his work has a sense of life and movement and vibrancy, I could look at his work for ages and be lost in it Q: You have submitted some new artwork to Wonky Wheel recently and some of sold as well before they went on the website. Can you share which is your favourite piece that has arrived into Wonky Wheel Gallery recently, and why? I think Molten lips is my current favourite, I wanted to do something with more of an abstract background and some more layers to it and was rally pleased with how it turned out.

Q: I would like you to write a short note to your younger self and give them one piece of advice about been an artist (something you have learned along the way or even something they should do, if so why)? Believe in yourself!! Know that everyone is unique, not to compare yourself because your uniqueness is what makes your art stand out, I always struggle with self doubt and when I finish a piece I still think its not good enough, crazy huh! , I think its a curse of being an artist! But I have to remind myself if I wasn't good enough people wouldn't part with good money to buy from me.

Also that not everyone will like your work but that's OK art is subjective what one person likes, the next person won't but don't take that personally.

Also don't try to be something you're not, paint what YOU love, what YOU enjoy, what inspires you, art should make you happy otherwise what's the point in creating art. Someone once asked me why I paint lips, its because I enjoy painting lips! Do what you love, do it for you first not anyone else, if you love it, there will be others who will too

To see Lisa's full collection of artwork available from Wonky Wheel click direct to the artist page...

Created: 24/07/2021

Last Updated: 24/07/2021

Author: Lisa Ray and Wonky Wheel

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