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Christmas 2020 at Wonky Wheel

This Christmas is different to last year, I wasn't organised at all last Christmas & it just happened and I don't know how! This year I have reviewed the feedback from our lovely customers, we listened. You can now find the Hare Napkins back in stock and also there is a selection of greetings cards that you can make as a pack of six Christmas Greetings card. We are also working on a couple of other unique gifts ideas in the background and we will share them in Christmas 2020 part 2....

Lottie Day

Lottie Day produces a range of unique and decorative kitchen accessories.

Working in her Norfolk studio, Lottie produces handmade napkins, placemats and tea towels featuring designs inspired by the Norfolk countryside.

Lampshades and framed art prints make unusual home décor presents, with original illustrations of garden vegetables, hares and flowers.

Flora's collection arrived in July this year and we have had such a positive response I'm so pleased, so thank you to our lovely customers for making Flora day. As I know when I email Flora with my "Happy Dance" email it makes her day. These are the little things that makes the creative process even more joyful.

Flora works mainly in porcelain; when fired, no other clay is as pure, clean and white. She likes to contrast this brilliant white with vibrant colours including deep blues & turquoise, and then highlighting each piece with real gold lustre. To produce such work is a labour of love. Taking a ball of clay through to each individually crafted piece takes time, as well as three firings. But Flora enjoys all aspects of the process, especially talking about her two kilns!

For Christmas this year I asked Flora would she mind using some Christmas trend colours in her design and here are the results. They are stunning and so popular already. The Christmas tree comes in three sizes and we are currently sold out of small and medium. Flora is working on some more small and medium and when they are back in stock I shall let you know.

We also have some stunning porcelain decoration's for your Christmas tree, they are all very unique and if your like me you have one new decoration for your tree I would make it one from Flora's collection as they will add a splash of colour to your tree. Here are the most popular one's so far from Flora's collections.

Flora also has an interest in linocut printing. This set of greetings cards are inspired by all things Christmas. She handprints all her work, be it prints or cards, on an old Victorian cast iron book press. Nothing can beat the excitement she feels when she releases the handle anticlockwise and peels off the linocut to reveal the printed image.

Katie Lynn is based near Finchingfield in Essex and has is well known in the area for creating hand made glass gifts, sold under the brand name of Molten Wonky.

We stock a selection of Molten Wonky products including greeting cards, decorations and cuff links. Please see some of our current stock below. As each item is handmade each item is unique so may vary slightly from the photograph.

In Part two of the Christmas 2020 I will be sharing some really unique gift ideas and also some Christmas Greetings card from Molten Wonky Christmas collection.

I am a local artist and Illustrator. I trained as a children book Illustrator back at university but commercially have found myself travelling down the card design route!  I like to paint lots of different things as I do get bored quite quickly! I love a challenge and will have a go at anything! A recent project included some flying meat pies...

I specialise in watercolour, I do love to watch paint dry! I also love drawing, so my style rather lends itself to being quite quirky and illustrative....Quentin Blake is a bit of a hero of mine.. We have a selection of Christmas Greetings card from Helen's range, I picked these cards as fell they will go down well with our customers.

Oh Hello Shan

Oh Hello Shan brings beautiful, fun and colorful products and gifts to you and your home. For Christmas we have brought back this collection again this year as customer liked it so much.

Apron from this collection will be back in stock by mid November 2020 and also the robin tea towel in white, this is new for this year.

I hope you enjoyed our introduction to our Christmas collection at Wonky Wheel.

Thank you, stay safe everyone, until next time


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