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Lynsey Willett-Batts

I have been an artist for as long as I can remember. A pencil or pen never far away from me. From an early age I loved working with pastels and chalks, decorating my bedroom walls with beach themes or the universe. Progressing on to paints, acrylics, water colour and oil paints. I am also a trained and successful tattoo artist, based in Essex, I also work full time for Essex County Fire and Rescue.

But my first and foremost love is painting. How it blends, the different tones, the vast array of brush strokes. I love to paint landscapes, rivers using the reflections in the water for movement, forests with the different tones of greens, beaches and fields. I love the colours that you can find in the most flat looking view. Different tones in the sky depending on the time of day. It all inspires me, I spend a lot of time taking photographs where ever I am.

Some of Lynsey's artwork can also be bought online below.

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