Lisa Ray

My name is Lisa Ray, I create original or commission paintings, all with acrylic on stretched canvas. I love exploring colour, metalic, texture, pattern, light and shade in my work. I have two styles, pop art and abstract. My pop art style is fun, bright and eye catching, i combine my love of fashion and make up and my interest in pop art and modern art styles within my own paintings. I particularly enjoy creating lip art, inspired by the 50s and 60s comic style pop art and it also stems from my lipstick addiction ha!

My abstracts have more of an organic feel, often inspired by the natural world which i have a keen interest in, especially ocean and space. My abstracts recently have been very popular and i have recently been commissioned to create some more of the ocean inspired ones which I'm thrilled about. Some of my abstracts can be more inspired by just colour, pattern, or texture alone

The bit about me :) I started as an artist later on in life at 40, a new phase in my life. I decided to follow my passion, it really is never too late!. I have always been creative and had a passion for art, I studied art in my late teens/early 20s but then somehow life got in the way and my art my passion, fell aside, i had to pay the bills, find a 'proper' job, had a family etc,  I started painting again as it was like therapy. I have suffered with anxiety in my life and a bout of depression and art really helped me manage it, I found the more I painted the more I wanted to do it. Then I had people saying how much they really liked my work, and approaching me to make art for them, I was really flattered, I was honoured and it went from there. i was made redundant from my job this year and decided to make my passion my new career.

A highlight of my journey as an artist so far is that I recently created an original pop art piece called "The Eye of Your Storm" for the Semi Colon Project, which is a mental health and suicide awareness charity, inspired by my own life experience, i felt strongly that i wanted to do something for this worthy cause. This painting was purchased by a special person who the semi colon campaign means a lot to and is very close to his heart as he cared for his partner for a long time who suffered with severe depression. With the sale of this painting i raised money for the charity which I felt very proud about. To view this painting please check our my social media pages.

There's something special about owning an original piece of art, seeing those details and textures in the paint strokes that an artist has made by hand it makes the painting come alive.


if you're interested in a commission please contact me. There's nothing more special than owning an original piece of art on canvas something totally handcrafted that is personal and unique to you which an artist has put heart and soul into. 

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Some of Lisa's artwork is stocked in our gallery in Finchingfield and a selection can also be bought online below.