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Harry Breeden

Over the past 6 years I have been working towards completing my degree in Architecture at London Metropolitan University. Alongside my studies, I work as an Architectural Assistant for a local practice in Braintree. My interest in drawing and illustration has developed over the length of my architecture career with a particular focus on hand drawing and sketching. Since then, I have been constantly developing my technique through a range of subjects including architecture, automotive and landscape scenes.

During the lockdown period I set myself a goal of producing a sketch a day, each piece was an individual challenge and an opportunity to explore a mix of styles. With a broad and selection of work, I decided to set up a small online shop where I could sell prints of my original pieces. This opened up a whole new side of the art world. I had begun to build my brand and slowly reached out to a wider audience and taking on commissions.

The scenes for my artwork are mostly captured during walks out and weekend travels. The primary medium I use to produce my illustrations is fineliners. They have the ability to create sketchy lines as well as straight and precise. The variation in styles is what I enjoy the most. I also add colour by using washes of watercolour, adding texture and vibrancy to bring the entire drawing together.

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