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A Story of Five Makers Exhibition

In 2021, our founder, Mary, attended a strategic away day with The Design Trust. There, she met four makers with whom she found lots in common. They've supported each other since, on Zoom (we've all been there!)

Now, all five are coming together for a very special exhibition of their own. Come along to the gallery, where you'll see work from each of the five artists, including Mary! From illustrations, print making, abstract artwork, glasswork to jewellery, each piece has been specially selected for this exhibition. 

Press Enquires - Please click here for a copy of the full press release

We are proud to be hosting this very special exhibition featuring  Five Makers, its first of it kind for Wonky Wheel. 

Let me introduce the Five Makers what there medium of art. 

About Lizzy Chambers - 

Lizzy Chambers creates British flower jewellery for you to wear. They are all grown here in the UK, either by herself, or by a British flower Farm. This Summer Lizzy will be working with Finchingfield Lavender Farm to create a new collection filled with the local grown lavender. Lizzy will take the fresh lavender and dry them before turning them into stunning pieces of jewellery and Christmas decorations that will show off the wonderful local petals.

About Kate Slater - 

Kate Slater is an illustrator working in mixed media collage. Her children’s books include the Britannica First Big Book of Why (What on Earth Books and Britannica), A Peek at Beaks (Millbrook Press) and The Last Bear (Harper Collins Kids).

Alongside work for publishing, editorial and advertising, Kate has also created several large scale installations and window displays, the largest of which was exhibited in a chapel on the National Trust's Farne Islands, off the coast of Northumberland.

Kate also designs her own range of stationery, gift and homeware with a commitment to ethical and sustainanble manufacture.

About Curlew Cottage Design - 

Joanna Martin is a designer and printmaker based in County Down Northern Ireland.  Her linocut prints are created by carving a design into linoleum, applying ink and hand printing.  Joanna uses the reduction method, building up a print from the same block - colour by colour - conjuring richness and depth from inks that can take a week to dry.


Joanna’s inspiration for her art comes from wild places, sailing trips to remote islands off Scottish and Irish coasts, where threatened birds can still be found, such as the Corncrake and Bittern.  She has enjoyed close encounters with whales, dolphins, seals and puffins on these sailing adventures.  “It makes me stop and look, it slows me down.  I get immersed in nature, and this gives greater depth to my art."


Living close to Strangford Lough (the UK and Ireland’s largest sea lough) has given her ample opportunities to observe, study and care about the Curlew.  This beautiful wading bird is on the verge of extinction, and through her website Joanna has been raising awareness of this, by interviewing people who work to protect it and raising money from sales of prints for related charities.


"Linocut printing is a labour of love, slow and absorbing, exhausting and exhilarating.  I am driven by the mystery of this ancient craft and what emerges."   

About Becci Meakins: Black Cat Glass Designs- 

Black Cat Glass Designs is Forest of Dean-based fused glass artists, Becci Meakins and Rich Hamblin.


They began their venture with glass in 2012 after attending a beginners’ glass fusing course. After buying a kiln and having a garden studio built, they have continued to learn and practice their craft.


Over the years, they have attended many courses. In December 2019, they had the unique opportunity to spend two days having personal tuition with world-renowned glass artist Amanda Simmons in her studio in Dumfries.


Since then, Becci has taken part in further courses with international glass artists to learn and discover completely different techniques and to bring a new level of exploration into her glass art. Since 2020, she has completed training with Canadian glass artist Bob Leatherbarrow, American glass artist Richard Parrish and American glass artist Nathan Sandberg.


Becci and Rich are inspired by colour, brightness and vivacity. They also like to explore different textures in glass and as such, a lot of their work is sandblasted. Their artworks are predominantly statement pieces for those not afraid of colour!

About Mary Turley - click here

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