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Makers' Market

Wonky Wheel Gallery is a vibrant and unique gallery and gift shop located in Finchingfield. Our space hosts a variety of projects, such as Makers Markets and Pop up art events. We are passionate about creating a welcoming and inspiring environment for people to come together to connect, learn and create. We invite you to join us in celebrating creativity and the power of community. Sign up to our mailing list to find out more about our events for 2024 and how you can get involved!

Guildhall Finchingfield

Saturday 24th, February 2024
11am to 4pm at Guildhall Finchingfield

Our upcoming Makers' Market on Saturday, 24th February will showcase handmade gifts specifically for Mothering Sunday on March 10th, 2024. If you are a maker or artist who produces high-end gifts suitable for Mothering Sunday, please apply today!

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The Dangling Bakery

This was the best market I’ve attended in terms of sales, and the location was perfect as usual. The event was very well advertised, and holding at the same time as another event in the village was an effective way of ensuring the event was well attended. There was steady footfall throughout the day without any lulls which was great!


Little Lime Design Co.

Absolutely loved taking part, thank you so much x The venue was stunning, the variety of stalls and quality of work was brilliant and the friendliness of stallholders was just the best. Having tea and coffee facilities was just brilliant too. 


We have a unique and exciting opportunity available exclusively for businesses that meet our specific criteria. Our aim is to identify businesses that are gallery-ready, which means that they have creative pieces that are not only of high quality but that are also display-worthy. We believe that businesses with a consistent level of excellence across their work will be ideal candidates for this opportunity. Therefore, we will be reviewing your portfolio to ensure that your business meets these requirements.

We are looking for businesses that have a clear and unique vision and the ability to execute that vision in a compelling manner. This is a chance for you to showcase your best work and stand out in the industry. Through this opportunity, we believe that your business can take the necessary steps to reach the next level and gain the recognition it deserves.

To apply, please note that your business must have been trading for at least two years and that you must be at least 18 years of age. We also encourage you to have a strong social media presence, with a focus on photography, branding, and frequency of posts. A strong social media presence is not only an indication of your business's reach and popularity but also a reflection of your commitment to your craft and your ability to connect with your audience. We believe that businesses with a strong social media presence will have an advantage in this opportunity.

Some images from our Mid-Summer Makers' Markets 2023 

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