Clare Wilde

I am an artist and fiddle player, working in mixed media, using as many natural and early pigments as possible. I work with dug ochres like Epping Yellow, vegetable blacks and charcoals, ground rock and metal, walnut and oak gall ink, and Suffolk chalks. I like to use the earth to paint the earth, and rainwater to paint clouds.

My current landscape series is a response to the deep beauty of the local English landscape, which is disappearing at an alarming rate under building and related infrastructure. My work reflects a desire to call attention to the light, colour and texture around us which is so often ignored and undervalued, asking people to look at and engage with their surroundings through little remembered images of moments in time; a storm, a cloud’s shadow, the light behind trees.

My PhD is in analytical psychology, and my interest in how people (including me!) represent themselves and their experiences using verbal and non-verbal symbols is often reflected in my work.

Some of Clare's artwork can also be bought online below as well from our gallery in Finchingfield.