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Barry Marsden

"As a professional portrait photographer for the last 35 years, working on commission for the magazine and newspaper publishing industry, I was always looking for a personal project to provide balance and to allow me to explore myself and my feelings about my world. I grew up in an industrial area in Yorkshire, surrounded in my explorations by the remnants of World War 2 and the rotting and decaying detritus of heavy industry. Mysterious objects from the past, like sculptures in a state of decay, always held a fascination for me. In recent years I have begun to revisit this fascination. Where I now walk my dogs is a wilderness created on the site of my town’s old tip. The churn of the soil keeps throwing up reminders of the lives of people now long gone - a rotting Victorian door lock, shoes worn decades ago, an escutcheon plate from a door which many residents would have entered. I collect these and photograph them in isolation like specimens, hoping that the images can spark thoughts and remembrance of all those who ever were.


The plant photographs are an attempt to picture, in isolation, the shapes and de-saturated colour of plant forms which might suggest another layer of meaning. The Oak leaves symbolic of strength and longevity as well as the acorn and its implication of potential. The berries suggestive of Autumn food for wildlife, the teasel which surrounds its aggressively spiked centre with elegant curved and elongated fingers. The beech nut's other worldly explosion of protrusions protecting the seeds inside."

Some of Barry's artwork and prints are stocked in our gallery in Finchingfield and a selection can also be bought online below.

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