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Our Story

I'm Mary and with my partner Rob shared passion for Art we launched Wonky Wheel in July 2019. 

Before we could open to the public in October 2019, we completed a little renovation project on the unit as it was a hairdressers before it became a gallery. 


Wonky Wheel features three spokes in its wheel: a gallery for viewing and purchasing artwork, a workshop/course program for artistic and creative events hosted within the same space and at other locations across Finchingfield, and as of 2022, Finchingfield Craft Market.

Our Craft Markets occur once a quarter. Additionally, our gallery showcases a diverse range of artwork from both local and international artists.


Our workshop/course program includes various events such as painting, pottery, and jewellery-making classes, as well as art and design workshops. The Finchingfield Craft Market is a place to find unique handmade crafts, created by talented artisans from the local area and beyond.

We are proud to be a hub of creativity in Finchingfield and offer a space for artists, makers, and creatives to showcase their work and connect with the community. Come visit us and see what we have to offer!

How did the Wonky Wheel Gallery come about?

The Wonky Wheel journey began long before Mary moved to North Essex. From an early age, she grew up sewing and learning about textiles from her Grandmother and Aunties. She even received her first set of knitting needles from her grandmother at the age of three. This is why Mary loves all things beautiful and handmade, which led her to study Fashion and Textiles. However, her career took a diversion into the corporate world for twenty years, but she continued to paint with acrylic, pen and ink, and silk.

During the past twenty years, Mary has worked in retail (at Mark & Spencer's and Tesco), the NHS, and utility services for the last ten years.

Mary had always wanted to open a shop from an early age, but the timing and location had to be right. Since moving to Essex, she fell in love with a beautiful village called Finchingfield and knew it was the right location for her gallery.

Mary's love of owning her own shop came from her mother, who worked in a shop in Ireland. On a Friday evening, Mary was allowed to go to work with her mother (this was the 80's in Ireland). Mary's mother would give her a list to go to the back stores. Mary would take forever to come back as she was playing with the old-fashioned till and thinking it was her own shop. Such was the innocence of her childhood!

What can people expect from Wonky Wheel?

The Gallery offers something for everyone, from that perfect piece of original local artwork to adorn the walls of your home, to gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas. When customers come into the Gallery and begin browsing, they can't help but notice the light and warmth of the space, as well as the many eye-catching artworks on offer.

"When we set up the gallery, we wanted to do something a bit different. It was important to us to support local artists, as we found there was no avenue for artists in this area to display their work. In Cambridge and Suffolk, there are Open Studio events, so we created Wonky Wheel to give local artists a unique space to showcase their work, overlooking the beautiful picturesque village in Essex."

If customers are looking for something specific, the Gallery owner always keeps an eye out when meeting new artists. While there's no guarantee the desired artwork will be found, it can certainly be kept in mind for the customer.

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